Dear Friends,

Trivial as it may sound, we feel the need to express our gratitude for the time you invest into following our group, Live Stage Web Project “(A)live Musicians”.

So, here are a few words about us.
Live Stage Web Project “(A)live Musicians” was conceived in November 2020.
Music and musicians have always been a given for us, as they are the embodiment of love, experience, need, soul, communication and balance.

During this unprecedented and negatively charged period in our lives, we were thrown off this aforementioned balance, so we have decided to do whatever we can to restore it.

Since then, our group has been planning and bringing to life diverse online music shows through Facebook & YouTube.
The motive behind this initiative is both artistic and social: these shows are a way for all of us to get close and communicate our common feeling.

Live… Live streaming

Stage… Live gigs, music shows, highly anticipated but also unexpected collaborations … on stage

Web… We are an online hug, a great company of friends from: mainland Greece, our islands, expatriate Greeks & and friends of music from the farthest corners of this world.

Project… This is an artistic endeavor, a musical creation, a journey of the soul.

“(A)live musicians”… people who live with music, through music, for music.

The cost of every show is covered exclusively by us. This means that our group responds to each and every financial need of this project, including material costs, technical equipment, sound engineering and lighting techs fees, filming crew and artist fees and anything else that is required during rehearsals and live music shows, in order to produce an artistically and technically impeccable project of high quality and aesthetics.

To all of us, your response and increased participation in this project has come as a big surprise, encouraging us to implement more shows, with music that nurtures our soul and connects us through our shared roots. We can feel the heart of Greece beating all over the world, and we sense your need to smell its fresh air and its salty sea, gaze at its imposing mountains and reminisce about your homeland.

We would like to sincerely thank all of you who have expressed the wish to support this effort.

Your contribution is of great help to us, in order to move forward and be able to materialize all the concepts we are planning to bring to life.

We hope that you can share our dream and that you will come along on our journey where we will soon be able to fulfill your own wishes and ideas.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!